"Thanks for responding so quickly.  I appreciate how you turned this whole thing around so fast and really well.  Please send me an invoice for your work and I’ll definitely keep you in mind next time we have something else like this."

D.L., Asset Manager

"I didn’t have time to look at this yesterday, so just saw it for the first time today. WOULDN’T CHANGE A WORD! Excellent work, my friend!"


"Thanks, Tom! Everything is going great with our partnership!"

D.N., Account Director

"Thank you for confirming Tom. Much appreciated. Thanks for always being a rockstar fact checker along with your impeccable writing skills."

C.S., President

"WOW! The character in these social posts is fantastic. So witty. So funny. GREAT JOB! Line 16 had me dying in laughter: Behind every good woman, there’s a man. Fading into the background. Totally unneeded, actually."

L.K., Direct Marketing Manager

"Seriously, great.... thank you :)"

C.V., Account Supervisor

"Can I just say how impressed I am at how different these pieces sound? Especially considering how similar the videos are. Well done, sir, well done!"

L.T., Account Manager

"You're wonderful, thank you! And thanks for going above and beyond!"

B.V., Senior Graphic Designer