It's a Noisy World.  

Let's Make Your Story Stand Out.

Engaging, Effective Copywriting

Communicating your message effectively is about what you say, and just as importantly, how you say it.  

For many years I've worked in business communications - from technical writing to PR to copywriting.  Along the way I've learned a lot about how to engage people who are numb from information overload.

And it's not about raising your voice, it's about refining it.


Compelling Content Marketing

There was a time when "content marketing" was considered something distinct from "traditional marketing."  Not anymore.  

Pretty product photos and long bullet lists of benefits don't cut it today.  People expect to be educated and assisted even before they become your customer.  

They want content that explains your offering, but they also crave strategy tips, best practices and other information that helps them do their job better.  You can gain their trust and loyalty by meeting that need.  



Take a Free "Test-Drive"

 What would it be like to work with me?  The best way to find out is to jump right in!  Let me produce a little free content for you.  

Shoot me some rough ideas and I'll fire back a paragraph or two of copy.  No obligation.  You can even use what I send you any way you like.  

But I'm hoping that you need more than two paragraphs, that you like what I've written and that you want to work together.

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