My passion for your freelance project

"Passion"... one of the most overused terms in business conversations today.  But it's a great descriptor for my approach to writing and editing.  I'm passionate about crafting phrases, sentences, paragraphs and documents that are clear, concise and engaging, and that move the reader to action.

If you have similar feelings about your product, service or project, we're speaking the same language!

The research is on me

I've written copy for diverse markets ranging from corporate to higher education to healthcare to real estate.  The result?  A wealth of experience in tailoring messages to specific audiences.  Does that mean I know your audience?  No, not necessarily.  But if I don't, I'm eager to.  

While research is a part of any copywriting project, anything beyond an hour or so is on me.  Why?  Because in the long run, it benefits me.  And if you choose to work with me again, it benefits you too.

A pain-free process

Every minute you spend coaching your freelance copywriter adds to the cost of your project.  And that "cost" can be more than just dollars and cents.  Frequent interruptions can both raise your blood pressure and lower your productivity.  

By asking the right questions in an initial conversation and supplementing your answers with independent research, I am able to go from kickoff to completed draft typically without any further input from you.  A few tweaks based on your feedback and you've got your document.   

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